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2014 Academy dates  #1 June 24-26, #2 July 22-24  

A Message from Academy Director Kelly Bendixen

If you are looking to impress a college scout, increase your confidence and technical ability, or just learn more on your journey to becoming the best goalkeeper you can be, then come join our residential goalkeeping academy and tap your potential this summer!  Updated curriculum, fantastic coaches, conversations with professional players, autograph sessions, motivating guest speakers, and our continued relationships with our friends at FreeMotion and HO Goalkeeping makes Bendixen Goalkeeping Academy one of the best in the country!  We are excited to teach the technical skills and tactical decisions needed to become a top level goalkeeper.  With an ideal coach to player ratio, individualized instruction, leadership, and high quality repetitions, it is sure to be the place to grow this summer! The Bendixen Goalkeeping Academy is designed around the summer tournament schedules to help you showcase your newly acquired technique and confidence from our training field directly into match conditions.  Every registered goalkeeper will receive a training jersey, glove bag, and a pair of match gloves from HO!  Come join me and my highly qualified staff on the beautiful campus at the University of Puget Sound, and let us help you tap your potential!


Testimonial from Tally Hall,
MLS Houston Dynamo starting goalkeeper

I would not be a professional goalkeeper,  if Kelly Bendixen was not coaching me throughout my youth.  He took me from a recreational goalkeeper to a Division I college goalkeeper looking to go pro.  I started training with Kelly when I was around 11 years old, the time I decided I wanted to focus on soccer and goalkeeping. Kelly was different from the start.  He taught me the basics, but also made sure I was working my butt off to be better.  Training was an hour, I was having fun for an hour.  Sometimes I could not stand after a session, but I always ended with a smile on my face.  My parents always made sure to bring plenty of towels and change of clothes after, because goalkeepers get dirty, muddy and smelly and they do things field players are scared to attempt.  Before, I was just having fun in goal, Kelly turned goalkeeping into a PASSION.  Trainings with him turned into my weekly highlight.  I had never worked with someone who could develop any weaknesses I had into strengths.  I was always a bit lanky growing up and never felt I had much strength.  Kelly taught me how to fly.  All of a sudden I felt like I could jump through crowds of players and skim across the ground for lowballs.  My college coach still tells me the first thing he saw me do that impressed him was me coming for a cross and I caught the ball about two feet above everybody else.  It was not a fluke, Kelly was the one serving thousands of crosses to me making sure when the time came, I got it right.  Like all great coaches, Kelly's lessons also translated to off the field life lessons.  Lessons on the field helped me succeed in the classroom and mature into a successful student athlete.  If you have an opportunity to work with Kelly, you must.  Without him, I would be working a "real" job, but instead I get to play soccer everyday and get paid for it.  Do yourself a favor and get trained by the best.    

Testimonial from Jorden LaFontaine-Kussmann, University of Washington starting goalkeeper

Quote: " I would never be where I am today if it weren't for Kelly. His mastery of the technical side of goal keeping, coupled with his innate ability to connect with his students, makes him one of the best coaches in the nation in my opinion. He is one of the few great coaches out there, who understands that each goalkeeper has a different set of abilities and works with you to find the best way to help you reach your full potential.  His unflinching optimism and drive to make everyday the best it can be, has made me into a better player, a better teammate and a better human being. I can't thank Kelly enough for how he has influenced my life. I'm blessed to be able to call him my trainer, my mentor and my friend."
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